Cyclist Inquest Concludes Driver Was Blinded by Sunlight

A van driver who collided with a cyclist on the A4130 between Lower Assendon and Bix on 13 June last year told the Coroner’s Court this week that he was momentarily “blinded” by the bright sunlight.

Colin Atkinson, was driving home to Wallingford on the A4130 between Lower Assendon and Bix when his van hit Dr Saliya Jayaratne, who was sadly pronounced dead at the scene by an air ambulance doctor at 8.44pm.  Despite failing an impairment test on the day, criminal charges were later dropped against Mr Atkinson.

Witnesses at the scene confirmed the strong sunlight on the Fairmile Road.

The outcome of the inquest was that Dr Jayaratne’s death occurred because of a road traffic collision.