Olympic Hero Sir Steve Visits Care Home

Residents at Henley Manor Care Home, on Mill Lane, were delighted to receive a visit from five times Olympic Gold Medallist, Sir Steve Redgrave on Wednesday.

The rowing champion organised a visit to the state-of-the-art home following a letter he received from resident, Ausonia Simonds, who expressed her common interest of rowing and how wonderful it would be to meet him.

During the visit, the residents took part in a question-and-answer session with Sir Steve Redgrave and he told his stories of winning his Olympic titles and how he initially got into the competitive sport.

Sir Steve Redgrave said: “It was great to visit the residents of Henley Manor Care Home and share my experiences and story with them.

“I particularly enjoyed meeting Ausonia, who shared many common interests with myself and had many great memories of previous Royal Regatta’s.”

General Manager at the home, Ellie Faramarzian said: “It was fantastic to have Sir Steve Redgrave visit the home and the residents and we were delighted that we could make Ausonia’s dream come true. It was lots of fun for everyone and we were really pleased that he came along.”

Resident Ausonia, 91, said: “I thought he was absolutely marvellous. He didn’t mind answering questions and I felt he was so natural. He was very nice.”