Communing With the Campbells – Community Course with Bori

Bori Henley Herald from Anthony Campbell on Vimeo.

It’s been an extraordinary couple of weeks here in Tamera Healing Biotope in Southern Portugal. It’s very difficult to know quite where to start given the entirely different reality we find ourselves in here at Tamera. I have been on a 4 week community course so have been a little detached from Katie and the kids. It’s been intense and mind blowing for me and tough for Katie. There has been very little time outside of the community course which means that Katie has been with the kids pretty much 24/7 without a break. Any parent will know that no matter how much you love your kids this can be draining, particularly in an alien environment. Tamera is beautiful but it is very hot and short on luxuries. For instance all the toilets are compost toilets. There is no air conditioning. Diet is strictly vegan, made up primarily from food grown on the land here at Tamera. None of these things are a problem but they are things that take some getting used to.

One of the aspects that I’ve loved about the course is the leadership team. Bori, featured in todays video is the spearhead of the leadership team and it’s been a privilege to be led by a wise elder female. Something I’m not used to. We’ve met some wise individuals on this adventure but I think Bori might take first prize. She describes herself as a “life researcher” and community builder. To learn from someone who has dedicated her life to this pursuit has been an honour and a privilege. Alongside many others she has laid the foundations for a more peaceful and connected world.

We will not be adopting Tameras ideology in its entirely in our future plans. Getting community members to roll around in oil completely naked is a stretch too far for us. More of that to come, but we will be harvesting bits and pieces from this extraordinary community and implementing the years of research and learning into our plans moving forward.

We have confirmed dates for our return to Henley now. We’ve decided as a family that Portugal will be out last stop on this epic adventure. Denmark feels like a stretch too far for us. It feels like the right time to end, emotionally, financially and practically. We can’t wait to return to Henley and our community there. We’re looking froward to being enveloped by friends and family that we know and love. Finally Happy Birthday to The Children’s Shop, the column sponsor for our adventure, without whose support we wouldn’t be writing regular articles for the Herald.

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