Royal Regatta Day 3 – Heavy Rain Doesn’t Impact Leander Crews

The start of Day 3 looked good for racing with the wind dropping but by after lunch the heavy rain and wind made it more hard work for rowers on the famous Regatta course but this didn’t seem to affect the Leander crews.

Leander crews are all through to the next round in the Fawley Cup (JM4x) beating Marlow R.C. ‘B’ by 1 ¾ lengths, in the Hambleden (W2-) A.G. Campbell-Orde & S.M.A. Heath,  beating the Dutch crew of F.E.A. van Ameijde & I.D. Klok by 5 lengths, the Thames (M8+) beating Thames R.C. by 1 ½ lengths and in the Princess Grace (W4x) Leander  won against Brown University, USA who they beat in the final at the Women’s Regatta easily by 3 ¼ length in the pouring rain.  Both Leander crews in the Double Sculls (M2x) A.G. King & M.G. Brigham beat A.A. Cowley & D.W.A. Jones of Newark R.C. & Leeds R.C. by 3 lengths and V.V. Kleshnev & J.M. Cartwright won against the Dutch crew of by 3 lengths.

Unfortunately Leander’s D Mikhay pulled out of the Diamonds (M1x) so D.A. Bartholot, Rowing Australia sculled over to get in to Friday’s racing.

Upper Thames continued their winning streak in the Wyfold (M4-) winning against Shandon B.C., IRL by 1 ⅔ lengths.

Henley Rowing Club had a mixed third day with their JM4x crew losing to Claires Court School by just 1 length but won a close race in the Prince Philip (W8+) winning against Edward’s School by just ⅔ length.

There are still a few local races to watch:

6.15 Jubilee (JW4x) Shiplake College are up against Bedford Modern School

6.40 P. Grace (W4x) Leander B are looking to join the Leander A crew through to the next round against Nottingham University

7.10 P. Wales (M4x) Leander Club are hoping to win against Hartpury University