Royal Regatta Day 4 – Overseas Crews Beat Many Local Crews

On day four (Friday) of Henley Royal Regatta many overseas crews halted the progression of local crews into the semi-finals today (Saturday).

Leander Club had another mixed day with W4- composite crew losing to Sydney R.C., AUS & A.S.R. Nereus by 1 length and Danmarks Rocenter from Denmark beating Leander Club ‘B’ by 3 ½ lengths in the Town Cup. In the Stonor (W2x) O.A. Obukohwo & K.S.A. George, Twickenham R.C. & Leander Club lost to A.L.C. Reardon & L.J. Coleman, Rowing Australia by 1 ¾ lengths. In the Double Sculls (M2x) both crews lost – J.S. Liu & Z.D. Heese, Texas Rowing Center USA beat V.V. Kleshnev & J.M. Cartwright by 1 length and C.W. Antill & J.C.D. Cleary, Rowing Australia won against A.G. King & M.G. Brigham by 4 1/2 lengths.  In the Fawley (JM4x) they lost to Claires Court by 1 length. In the Remenham (W8+)  Princeton T.C. & ARION, USA beat Leander Club by 4 ½ lengths.  In the Princess Grace (W4x) both crews lost to international teams, the B crew to Waiariki R.C by 4 1/2 lengths and the A crew lost to the favourites, Chinese National Rowing Team easily.  The Chinese National Rowing Team also beat te composite crew of Leander and Tideway Scullers in the Remenham (W8+) by 4 lengths.

Leander though won in the Hambleden (W2-) with Annie Campbell-Orde & Sophia Heath beating the Danish crew of N. Laidlaw & S. Vikkelsoe from Danmarks Rocenter by a good 2 ¼ lengths.  In the Ladies (M8+) it was all Leander race with Leander beating a composite crew of Leander Club & Thames RC by 1 ½ lengths.  In the Thames (M8+ Club) Leander Club beat West End R.C., New Zealand by 2 ¾ lengths.  In a local battle Leander Club beat Upper Thames by 2 3/4 lengths in the Wargrave Challenge (W8+ Club).  In the Remenham (W8+ Open)  Imperial College, London & Leander Club beat Tideway Sc. Sch. & Univ. West. Australia in 3 ½ lengths.  Leander A beat Rowing Australia by 1 1/2 lengths in the Town (W4-).  Harry Glenister and his partner Joshua Bugajski from Oxford Brookes beat Harry Aitchison & James Cracknell by 5 lengths.  In the Visitors’ (M4-) a composite crew of Thames R.C. & Leander Club beat Cambridge University by 1 ½ lengths.

In a tense and closely fought out race, Upper Thames Rowing Club missed out on a semi-final place in the Wyfold (M4-) to NSR Oslo from Norway who beat them on the line by just a canvas!

In the Jubilee (JW4x), Henley Women’s Regatta winners went easily through to the semi-finals beating Lea RC by 4 1/2 lengths but unfortunately, Henley RC’s crew were beaten by Wycliffe Junior RC by 2 1/2 lengths.

Sir Steve Redgrave got out on the water during the Tea Interval for a Celebratory Row past. He was winding back the years with Eric Sims, with whom he won The Double Sculls Challenge Cup (Men’s Double Sculls) in 1981 for Maidenhead & Marlow Rowing Club. “We didn’t quite taper our training for the Regatta right this year,” Sir Steve Redgrave said. “The great thing about rowing is that you never stop learning.”




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