Artistry Gallery – Art at Henley Festival & New Ceramics

Regatta week has been and gone along with the longest day and we are heading towards the lovely Henley Festival.

Owner of Artistry Sarah Pye said, “Apparently they are making more of the art this year and I can’t wait to see it.  The last few years the art has been very much in the background and tucked out of the way, not what one would necessarily expect from a festival of the arts…….”

The window at Artistry month is full of wonderful new ceramics by Elaine King this week. Her bold designs and colours are just gorgeous. One of Elaine’s specialities are beautiful flower bricks/vases, some are single columns depicting a single silver birch tree trunk others are either square or round with individual holes in the top in which to place single stems of flowers. These are fun contemporary and beautifully decorated with cow parsley seed heads, oranges, lemons or Silver Birch trees and are an interesting and modern way to display your cut flowers.

Sarah comments, “The gallery has definitely felt busier in June after what felt like a hiatus in May, when the government announced the horrendous hike in the general cost of living. I think this was enough to scare most people into thinking “we need to be careful until we work out how these increases are going to affect us. I’m sure that many people will consider that art is by no means a necessity and therefore it will come low down on our list of priorities. However I also feel that sometimes one can see something that speaks to us in a certain way and perhaps reminds us of a happy moment in time , or just makes us smile and feel good. We hope you enjoy our window at artistry this week, as it is most definitely an energising Summer window.”

Artistry’s in-house framer Kevin, is keeping very busy helping our customers look after, preserve, update or simply beautifully frame their piece of art ready to hang in their special space. At artistry they also offer a try in situ and consultancy service (free of charge) for any artwork you might be interested in from the gallery, with no obligation to purchase it whatsoever.  All large paintings are also delivered free of charge, or collected if you need them framing.