Town Council to Request Resident Permits Can Be Used in 1 Hour Bays

A number of Friday Street residents spoke at the Town Council’s Town & Community meeting last week about the enforcement and ticketing of residents’ cars in the 10 x one-hour bays since Oxfordshire County Council (OCC) took over the civil parking enforcement since 1 November 2021.

Many of the residents who have lived in the street for a number of years said they have used the one-hour bays without any problems before this and the bays are empty for most of the day.  The residents also spoke about the frustration and the carbon emissions they are causing by having to drive around town for more than half an hour trying to find a space each day.

Henley Town Council agreed to form a working group at the start of the year to look at ALL parking in the town and at the meeting at the end of May each Parking Working Group Councillor member was allocated an area to research and write a report.

Councillor Will Hamilton was allocated North East (Marlow Road to Station Road) which covers Friday Street.  He said, “There is a significant problem to the Friday Street residents and I think we should find a short term solution (like Northfield End) and ask the Town Clerk to speak to OCC which should be prioritised in the next couple of days so that the there is no further inconvenience or tickets.”

Councillors voted to agree this action unanimously.