Ukraine Appeal for Conversion of Cars to Ambulances Equipped with Medical Supplies

An appeal for donations to convert 4×4 vehicles into ambulances and equip them with medical supplies to go to Ukraine was being promoted by Henley residents Liz Ledaca and David Eggleton along with Paul Liczbinski from Reading on Friday in Market Place.

In May, Paul coordinated and drove a convoy of 4 vehicles laden with medical supplies to the Polish border with Ukraine delivering supplies directly to their contacts.  They have collected enough money already for 3 vehicles and would like to get enough money to buy another vehicle and kit it out with medical equipment such as insulin and insulin needles, bandages, chest seals, tourniquets along with flat jackets, helmets and army rations.  They hope to take the vehicles out at end of July.

Paul, an army veteran of 29 years service said, “I’m known as the Quartermaster for the Ukrainian Army in Donbas because we’re working with the officers who are sending us a shopping list of what they need, so we take it to the border and they drive it straight to their locations.  It doesn’t matter what the condition of the 4x4s are in as long as they get there, so we’re buying ones with dents as it doesn’t really matter.  One of their vehicles was a Volkswagen Polo which got hit by a tank a couple of weeks ago and the one they are using now the engine blew up.  I am working with Liz who is doing all the PR and I’m concentrating on the logistics.  Yesterday The Gresham private members club in London donated 2 vehicles and the Army & Navy Club have pledged another 2.”

Henley Lions Club have donated £500 to the cause and so far they have raised £915.  If you would like to help, please donate via