The Script in the Top Hall of Fame Festival Acts

As the saying goes, the Irish certainly know how to party and The Script were no exception.  Headlining the first night of the 40th Henley Festival on the floating stage front man Danny O’Donoghue and the band brought the Irish ‘A’ game to Henley.

From the opening song Superheroes, the audience were on their feet singing along and waving their hands in the air.  On a clear blue sky evening, the next song Rain didn’t damper the spirits with Danny encouraging the audience to sing along to the chorus.

Afterwards Danny said, “How’s everyone feeling?  We were supposed to be 2 years ago and wanted to stop off here. It’s great to be back shoulder to shoulder with our friends.”

We Cry, the band’s first single from 2008 was followed by I Want it All during which Danny playing an Irish drum, jumped down into the audience and did a small circuit of the lawn. Back on stage, Danny commented, “You’re a crazy bunch of people, with obviously a lot in your wallet.  Henley is so beautiful.  It’s my first time here.  Anyone from Henley as I’m looking for a place to stay?”

The hits kept coming with The Man Who Can’t be Moved, Before the Worst, For the Last Time.  Drummer Glen Power was also celebrating his 40th birthday and Danny invited the crowd to sing him Happy Birthday.  Afterwards saying, “Ladies he’s the only single person in the band, you’re welcome to slip into his DMs later.” Although when asked, Glen couldn’t remember his Instagram handle!

Danny then made his second visit into the audience; this time climbing the stairs of the Grandstand, announcing, “Look at the views these guys have!”  After revealing that Danny used to call his ex girlfriend and wrote a song about it, he asked if anyone would like him to call their ex?  Taking the phone from a guy in the audience who had his ex still named ‘gorgeous’ on his phone, he called Michelle and sang Nothing to her on Facetime.

Talking about the impact of the pandemic had on him, Danny said, “I didn’t even know if I liked myself at the end.  If you don’t love what you do, sack it off.”

The set continued with Something Unreal, Science & Faith, Talk You Down and For the First Time with the audience still on their feet throughout and Danny jumping around the stage and switching between playing guitar and keyboard with ease.

Before going off for the encore, Danny said, “Thanks for amazing night.”

Back on stage for the encore which included No Good in Goodbye, Breakeven and their biggest hit Hall of Fame with the audience being asked to light up the skies with their phones.  Afterwards, Danny commented, “I thought you would be calmer than a regular show but you’re all f***** crazy.  We’re only as good as the audience and you’re the absolute stars of the show.”  Asking the audience whether they would like to see The Script back at Henley, there were huge resounding cheers.

The entire show was brilliant with superb pyrotechnics lighting up the stage.  The Script certainly go down as being one of top acts in the Hall of Fame at the Henley Festival.  Others should learn from these Irish music masters as this was just how you DO Henley Festival.  We certainly would love to see them again here.