Little Hearts Preschool Reap Food Rewards Thanks to Grant

Children at Little Hearts Sacred Heart Preschool are reaping the rewards of exploring the food supply chain thanks to a successful bid for funding through EIT Food’s ‘Consumer Trust Grand Challenge’ project led by the University of Reading to pioneer how to improve the understanding of healthy food options.

Since receiving the grant of £2,500, the preschool has been receiving a generous organic fruit and vegetable box on a weekly basis which they have used to cook with or provide healthy snacks.  They have also been able to purchase two raised beds and a composter to extend their edible garden and outdoor education plus they have received some gardening books.

Chair of Pre-School’s charity,  Carola Hillenbrand said, “The planting and caring for home-grown vegetables and fruits in the garden helps children to develop an understanding of the nurturing required to produce food and gives children joy and pride in planting and harvesting.  The children are tasting fresh produce before it is used in cooking so that the children understand each fruit/vegetable’s unique flavour and this can help develop their taste buds over time.  Little Hearts hosts families and children from a diverse culture and educational backgrounds.  With the help of this grant we can provide interventions (physical provision of food, education initiatives and communication initiatives about healthy food choices.”

Head of the Pre-school, Veronika Cintra added, “It’s a fantastic opportunity to extend children’s awareness not just about healthy eating but how to grow food and look after and edible garden. Little Hearts children enjoy first hand experiences of cooking from scratch and will prepare soups, dips, salads. We also like to involve our lovely parent community by sharing some surplus vegetables in exchange of some photos of cooking and enjoying meals at home.”

Over the next few months, other activities planned will include cooking sessions with interested parents and families, a showcase of the preschool’s activities at a local market and a trip to the farm.

Following a fantastic Ofsted inspection in February when the Pre-school was graded a solid GOOD with outstanding features in Personal and Emotional Development to Team and Committee, a rebranding of the Pre-school took place with a new name Little Hearts @ Sacred Heart with a new logo and website developed at