Residents Help The Environment By Selling Unwanted Goods

Poppy and Jazzy along with other Gainsborough residents enjoyed selling their unwanted goods on Saturday morning at the second Jumble Trail.

The girls were selling lots of their old toys.  Jazzy said, “The Sylvanian families were really popular and have nearly all gone.  We’ve raised £17 from just those alone. I’m not sure what I’m going to spend the money on yet as I’m saving up.” Poppy added, “I think I will go and look and see what I might in Paperchase with the money.”

Gainsborough Residents’ Association organised the event and Chair, Paula Isaac said, “The Jumble Trail was really successful. It is the second one we have held now and it seems very popular with buyers and residents selling unwanted goods. It’s a great way for people to have a little clear out of clothes, toys, books or whatever they might not be using around the house and make a little money. It is far better to have a sale than to take things to the tip so anything we can do to help with that is lovely. We will definitely hold more sales in the future so keep and eye out for future dates. We hope that other areas in town may follow suit and do something similar. It’s a lovely way to help to do your bit for other families and the environment and a great way to get to know people in the area.”