The Relais Celebrates 1st Anniversary

The Relais Henley hotel celebrated its 1st anniversary yesterday (Sunday), a year since new owners Grace Leo and Tim Hartnoll reopened the hotel after a large investment and a year of refurbishment just in time for the 2021 Henley Royal Regatta which took place in August.

Hotel General Manager Jonathon Payne said, “Thank you to all of you and all the community for your support over the last 18 months-2 years whilst we have been working on the project and opening the hotel.  Thank to you team here for making it all possible.  Well done and keep up the great work.  Thank you to Grace for all the support you give us, we wouldn’t be where we are now without your vision and direction.  You’ve developed a fantastic hotel.”

Grace said, “As I look around, I see familiar faces and I feel very blessed that we have integrated into the community.  I look back at our journey over the past year, there is truly nothing ordinary about this journey and I’m delighted to be part of the long history of the Red Lion hotel which has existed for hundreds of years.  When I learned about the list of owners before me it makes me very humble indeed to be part of the illustrious owners and I feel that my contribution and the period we are in charge of this hotel will be part of the continued history.  Many of your have reminisced to be about the memories you have had at the hotel celebrating different occasions.  It makes very proud to be able to continue that history and to make the hotel a place where local people as well as far way visitors want to continue to come a share a moment of relaxation, fun, laughter and also to create more memories.”

“Throughout the last year, we’ve tried to fine tune the product and we’ve increased the services to attract visitors who stay mid-week.  We’ve searched for different ways that we can vary our food offering so that we can attract a wider public.  In the process I’ve found that Henleyites are particular audience and we still haven’t got things finished up yet.”

Live music entertainment was provided by The CLIQUE Duo and guests enjoyed canapes and drinks.  They were invited to buy raffle prizes in aid of Nomad with first prize being an overnight stay with dinner at the hotel which was won by the Kingston family who were having a celebratory lunch for Janet & Richard’s Golden Wedding +1 years and former Mayor Ken Arlett won the runner-up prize of afternoon tea for 2.  The raffle raised £500.