Love Fitness Becomes Henley’s First 24 Hour Gym

Love Fitness has become Henley’s first ever 24 hour gym, offering members the chance to train at any time of the day or night. The gym, based at Henley RFC on the Marlow Road is on a mission to make fitness accessible to everyone with their extended opening hours.

Massimo Antinoro, owner of Love Fitness, said, “The reason we’ve done it is because we’ve always wanted to open ourselves up to as much of the market as possible and be as flexible to as many people in Henley as possible. It’s why our monthly fees are low and there are no long term contracts — that was to appeal to as many people as possible. Opening 24 hours was then really to appeal to the people who want to train a bit later or a bit earlier. Maybe they do shift work, maybe they work in a hospital or the police force and they want to train at midnight or one in the morning. Our main aim as a business is to be as accessible and flexible to as many people as possible.”

In order to open for 24 hours, Love Fitness had to install new cameras and panic buttons. They have also brought on a surveillance company to watch over the gym at night, ensuring that members are safe when there are no staff present. The front door system now monitors the members entering and leaving the gym, again to protect people’s wellbeing.

The team at Love Fitness were taken aback by the overwhelmingly positive feedback on their new opening hours. Massimo said, “We didn’t think that the response was going to be that great, but we have been really surprised that the response has been amazing. We regularly get people come in and sign up because they have seen that we are now open through the night. It’s not necessarily because they are going to train at night, but at least now they’ve got that option and that freedom. It’s been really positive with new members and current members, so it’s far more effective than we originally thought it was going to be.”

The gym has already seen people taking advantage of the new opening hours, with many members staying later than the previous closing time of 10pm, or training earlier than the former opening time of 6am. There have also been a handful of people who have come in to use the gym during the early hours of the morning, at 1–3am.

Massimo reflected, “People have so many different lives, and health and fitness is becoming more and more of a trend. Everyone needs to be able to get into a gym, and not everyone works a 9 to 5. Some of our members work at the cinema, so they want to finish their shift and come and train. Some people work in restaurants; they want to finish their shift and come and train. Some people work night shifts in Waitrose or a factory or a warehouse, and they finish shifts late at night and want to go and train somewhere. That’s the market that we can now attract.”

The extended opening hours are not the only change to Love Fitness over the past few months; the club has just added 500 square foot of space onto the gym in the form of their new main studio. Massimo explained that their aim is to offer something for everyone, regardless of aims or abilities. He said, “Our gym caters for people who want to do weight training, who want to do cardio, who just want to do classes, or members that want to do a bit of both. We are suitable for all ages and all abilities and experience levels. Our membership offering is at a low cost, from £26.99 a month, and there’s no long term contract as we only offer one month rolling contracts.” If you are interested in taking advantage of Love Fitness gym’s 24 hour offering, visit their website, give them a call on 01491 576563, or pop in and say hello!