Wedding Announcement – Jackson & Lubbock

Rose Jackson, daughter of Paul and Ria Jackson and Adam Lubbock, son of John and Christine Lubbock tied the knot at on Friday afternoon at Henley Town Hall.

Rose and Adam are co-owners of ADVHQ Gym based at Henley Self Storage on Newtown Road.

They met in March 2017 after Adam gave Rosie’s younger brother a PT session and her Mum then set them up on a blind date.  Adam said, “We grew up within a mile of each other in the same little village but somehow never met until our first date!”

After the ceremony, the couple were greeted by friends and gym members (“Squaddies”) who cheered and formed a long line in Falaise Square and then bombarded the couple with huge handfuls of black and pink confetti (the gym colours).  Many of the Squaddies wore gym kit with a formal tie, hat or fascinator for the special occasion!

Adam said afterwards, “That moment of coming out of the town hall to sea of people is a moment neither of us will ever forget. It was incredibly humbling to be showered with so much love and be presented with a physical representation of what we’ve been lucky enough to build together. It was a truly beautiful moment and also very special for our family to witness it too. I think they felt as proud as we felt blessed.”

The wedding breakfast took place at The Boathouse on the river with Adam on the way giving Rose a piggyback!

The couple are hoping to have a little ‘baby moon’ in October before their bundle of joy arrives in November.

Congratulations Adam and Rose.