Henley Society Welcomes 600th Member

The Henley Society are proud to report the enrolment of their 600th member when Henley town centre resident Jenna Shanks signed on the dotted line.

Jenna has long been an admirer of the Society’s work and is herself keen to preserve all that is good about our beautiful town.

Jenna said, “The Henley Society does much good work in the town including commenting on planning issues, lobbying for improvements in many areas not least the cleanliness of our streets and pavements, tree planting and protecting and, where possible, enhancing the quality of life for Henley residents.”

Geoff Luckett, Chairman of the Society said “We are delighted to welcome Jenna as our 600th Member and we look forward to her support of our events going forward.”

Since Jenna signed the membership of the Society has increased to 610, and if you would like membership details please enquire via thehenleysociety@btinternet.com or call 07860 145982..