Former Mayor Presents Her Charities With Large Cheques

Not only were the cheques large in physical size, the number they were made out for were large amounts to former Mayor, Councillor Sarah Miller’s charities this week.

Two cheques were presented for £3360 to Anne Evans and John Green from Royal British Legion (RBL) Henley & Peppard Branch and Lucy Bowley from the Regatta for
Disabled from money raised through Sarah’s Mayoral events and donations which included the Santa Fun Run, a Drag Karaoke night and a Civic Dinner. Sarah hoped to do more events and raise more money but when her Mayoral year started there were still some Covid restrictions in place.

Sarah said, “It was really difficult to choose just 2 worthy charities as we have so many charities in Henley, probably around 200. I’ve known John from the RBL for a long time and I know the hard work that you guys do. I’ve also got family links with the Legion. I think what you do is remarkable and what you keep doing. Anne you are such good team and the local branch there is no doubt in mind that I wanted you be one of my charities. The Regatta for the Disabled as grown into this amazing event and there are not many events like yours that cater or people with disabilities to get on the river. It’s such a great event. It is such a shame that Carolyn (Molyneux) who sadly passed way a month or so ago isn’t here to see this. Lots of little cogs make these charities work; it’s not just one person. I wanted to choose this charity as it is such a good event and I want more people to know about it.”

Anne Evans, Chair of the RBL Henley & Peppard Branch said, “We weren’t expecting anything like this amount and to get something for the branch for a change is absolutely massive. We need things like sumup credit card machines and other things. We are duty bound to give most money to the Poppy Appeal so to go to the Henley & Peppard Branch and we hope to through Nomad, Citizen’s Advice and the new Christian’s Against Poverty Henley Debt Centre that we will hear about ex-service personnel that need our support and will help with their welfare.”

Lucy Bowley, Chair of the Regatta for Disabled said, “It’s amazing, and I thought it would be a couple of hundred pounds. So if I’m absolutely honest, I had no idea how much it was going to me. I can’t make the decision myself but I would suggest that it doesn’t go into the usual funds. I think we should ring fence and as committee and a Board of Trustees we think how best to spend it. Maybe something spectacular for the event next year as we haven’t had the event for 3 years and in a way we’re a bit out of practice. But having that money we could do something completely amazing next year or we could decide we to do a bit more fundraising and buy another boat.”