Stuntman Jailed for Assault

Following a Thames Valley Police investigation, Gary Connery from Henley has been jailed for 18 months for an assault in Satwell, Oxfordshire.  Gary was the stuntman who dressed as the Queen in the London 2012 opening ceremony.

He was sentenced at Oxford Crown Court yesterday and was also given an indefinite restraining order against the victim.

A jury found Connery guilty of Section 20 grievous bodily harm at Reading Crown Court on 12 July, following a five-day trial.

At around midnight on 24 October 2020, Connery pushed his then-partner down a flight of stairs at an address in Satwell after an argument. The victim, a woman in her forties, landed at the bottom of the stairs and sustained a deep laceration to her head and a fractured shoulder. While she was lying on the ground, Connery stood over her and said: “Instant karma.” The victim called for an ambulance before Connery took the phone out of her hand and hung up.

The South Central Ambulance Service call handler called back and Connery answered the call, telling them the victim had fallen down the stairs. Connery then cleaned the victim’s blood from the floor and walls inside the property before South Central Ambulance Service arrived. While paramedics were treating the victim, she disclosed Connery had pushed her down the stairs, causing the serious injuries.

Detective Constable Sean Campbell, of the Domestic Abuse Investigation Unit, based at Oxford police station, said: “I am pleased that the court has handed down a custodial sentence as a result of Connery’s unacceptable actions. Thames Valley Police will never tolerate domestic-related abuse of any sort, especially against women and girls, and we will always seek to bring offenders to justice. I hope that during his time in prison, Connery will reflect on his actions and take any offer of rehabilitation so that he does not re-offend upon his release. I would like to praise the victim for her courage in reporting this incident and for her patience while we investigated and brought Connery to justice. I hope the court result offers her some closure and that she can move on with her life.