Inside Insurance – Everything You Need to Know About Track Day Insurance Cover

While it is a great pleasure to own a high-performance vehicle, it can be hard to find the right opportunities to drive it to its full potential. A track day gives you the chance to find out just how well your car can perform without the speed restrictions of public roads. But what if you push that little bit too hard and have an accident? You may not be aware that your regular car insurance likely will not cover you for damage incurred on track days. For that, you will need specialist track day insurance, so it is important to know what it does (and does not) cover.

Why you need track day car insurance
Car insurance is a legal requirement for using a vehicle on public roads, but it has its limitations. In particular, most car insurance policies do not include coverage for track days or off-road events on private land. If you are thinking of trying out your prized set of wheels on a race circuit during an open day, it makes sense to have the proper insurance coverage. A little overenthusiasm on the throttle, and you could end up heading into a barrier, incurring a huge repair bill for your vehicle. Even if you are incredibly careful, you cannot always account for the behaviour of other drivers on the circuit.

What does track day insurance cover?
Track day insurance is designed to cover the costs to your vehicle if an accident occurs on the track. It is not just restricted to structural damage, but also includes labour costs for repair. Unlike standard on-road insurance, it does not make any difference who is at fault, you or another driver. So, whether you misjudge a corner or someone else piles into the back of you, or something simply breaks while on circuit, the costs of repair to your car will still be covered. You will also have coverage should accidents arise from mechanical issues, like a tyre blowout or suspension failure. It should, however, be noted that you will not be covered for the failed parts themselves under most policies.

Are there exclusions with car track day insurance cover?
Like any insurance cover, there are limitations to your track day cover. The main exclusion is third-party liability, which means that track day insurance will not pay for damage caused to someone else’s vehicle should you crash into them. However, it is standard practice for each driver to take responsibility for their own track day insurance to cover individual damage costs. Many event organisers and venues make track day insurance a pre-requisite for using a private vehicle on their circuit.

There are typically a few other exclusions you should be aware of. Though you are out on the track with other car owners, most circuits do not allow active racing on track days, to avoid dangerous accidents by novices. Track day insurance will, similarly, not cover you for damage caused by competitive driving. You also will not be covered for the use of your vehicle in public areas, or by drivers not listed on the policy.

Track day insurance from ManningUK
ManningUK offers specialist single track day insurance, tailored to suit your needs – so you can enjoy your time on the circuit without worrying about your vehicle. If you are thinking of buying for more than one day or you use the track on a regular basis, we also offer multi track day packages at competitive prices.