New Police Patrolling Partnership to Increase Presence

A new police partnership has been put in place with police officers from the Civil Nuclear Constabulary (CNC) increasing the policing presence within the South Oxfordshire local area.

The CNC is currently responsible for the protection of civil nuclear sites and has jurisdiction over the surrounding area of the Harwell Magnox site. Officers from each force will regularly patrol together to respond to calls received by Thames Valley Police, as well as undertake pro-active duties and local neighbourhood patrols, whilst ensuring that the CNC’s primary and critical role of protecting the national infrastructure safe from any threat is maintained.

The initiative will give Thames Valley Police a greater range of resources to help keep the local policing area safe and enhance the already close and effective working relationship. The CNC officers bring a wealth of experience with them and are trained as medics who can provide initial emergency medical care at a scene, should the situation arise.

Local Police Area Commander for South & Vale, Superintendent Dave Horsburgh said: “This enhanced collaboration will provide additional support to Thames Valley officers in protecting the public and increasing visibility provided by both Forces to the local community. It will also enable officers from CNC to develop their proactive working relationships and utilise their valuable specialist skills within the local area.

“I know the public are often keen to see more officers on the streets and I hope this provides some reassurance that we are listening to their feedback and putting practical solutions in place to address their concerns.”