Update on Water Leaks

Despite Thames Water enforcing a hosepipe ban there are still three water leaks in Henley that have been running for a number of weeks.  They are on Duke Street, Wilson Avenue and Badgemore Lane.

We have raised the leaks with Thames Water and they advised that they have received many reports from customers on the leak in Duke Street.  They said, “I’m unable to confirm the exact date we received this, however the first report I located was 16 August.  Due to the location of the leak, a road closure is required for the repair. We require permits from the local council to confirm when we can complete the repair and unfortunately without these, we’re unable to complete this. I can assure, we do escalate the concerns to the council and the amount of water that is being wasted and understand all customers concerns. Please be assured, we’re working hard to ensure this is repaired as quickly as possible.”

The response on the leak outside 21/23 Wilson Avenue which has been running for six weeks from Thames Water said, “We’re due to replace the boundary box. We’re currently focusing our resources on repairing leaks that affect water supply. There’s also an issue with the repair requiring a lamp post removal. This job’s on hold until the issue with the lamp post can be resolved.”

The Badgemore Lane leak is also complex Thames Water say, “Due to the complexity of the leak on Badgemore Lane it’s taking slightly longer to carry out the repair. We’re working as quickly and safely as possible to get this sorted.”