Have Your Say – Hope Tyler’s Mum Gets the Answers She Deserves

Dear Sir

Thank you for reporting the sad and very emotive story about the disabled young man Tyler Maxx.

Clearly there have been some serious safeguarding issues which the regulator and the hospital will be investigating.

This story highlights how difficult it is to provide the level of support needed to care for severely disabled children and adults. Not only do they have learning disabilities and the inability to communicate their needs but added health concerns like epilepsy and self harming as Julie said her son demonstrates when he is distressed.

Julie has cared for her son full time for 24 years and the only respite she receives is when Tyler attends the Chiltern Centre for disabled young adults. The Centre is on Greys Road, Henley offers respite care for severely disabled young adults age 16 to 30 years.

I really hope Julie gets the feedback and answers she deserves and that Tyler makes a speedy recovery.

Yours faithfully

Lisa Drage
Parent Liaison Trustee The Chiltern Centre


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