Cavalier Dave to Tour Town to Mark Heritage Week

Update 09/09/2022

Out of respect of Queen Elizabeth II passing, David will not be going today.  He sends his sincere condolences to the Royal Family.  He will now go out tomorrow (Saturday 10) instead.


David Eggleton will be dressed in  Royal Cavalier finery on Friday (9 September) to mark the start of Heritage Week in the town centre.

He will touring the town between 11-4.00pm and is happy to answer any questions about the history of the town and show historical landmarks or sites as well as having selfies taken with him.

Henley has some great Civil War noteworthy events and sites. In January of 1643, after a skirmish taking place on the Mount over the Fairmile known as Roundhead Clump, the Parliamentarian army marched from Windsor in an effort to regain Henley from the Royalists. The Royalists had failed to fortify the town and upon seeing the approaching army abandoned Henley and headed for Reading, after first damaging the bridge which the Roundheads still managed to cross. A short time later Prince Rupert launched a counter attack from the direction of Reading. A Parliamentarian supporter had sent word of the attack so the Roundhead army under the command of Samuel Turner, were ready. Cannon were placed in Duck Street (Duke Street), Market Place and at the bridge. As Rupert and his men advanced they were cut down by cannon fire and retreated back to Reading.

Phyllis Court was fortified with 300 parliamentarian foot soldiers and a troop of horse who kept watch on Greenlands House, which were still held by the King’s men.