Henley Lose Last Friendly of the Season

On Wednesday 21 September, Henley visited Reading Bowling Club for a three triples mixed friendly match with Henley only winning on one rink and losing overall 49 -55. Peter Borsberry with Joan Edwards as lead and David Palmer at number two took an early lead and when they scored 6 shots on the seventh end, were leading 12-3. However, Reading kept plugging away and closed the gap to 15-12 by the sixteenth end but with Henley scoring 5 shots on the seventeenth it made it difficult for Reading to recover and despite scoring 6 shots on the last end, Henley won 20-18.

Kevin Browne with Angelika Crisa as lead and Nigel Bridges at number two made a valiant effort to stay in touch but were 3-9 down by the ninth end. However, they kept at it and clawed their way back to a 14-14 score by scoring 5 shots on the seventeenth end. Alas it was to not to be and Reading scored 3 shots on the last end for Henley to lose 14-17.

David Burdon with John Wilkinson as lead and Steve Sullivan at number two were only one shot behind after the fifth end but found themselves 3-11 down by the ninth. Then with a good run of a 5 and three singles they levelled the score by the thirteenth. The effort proved fruitless and, despite a 4 shot score on the last end, went down 15-20.

This was the last fixture of the season for both Clubs and it was played in fine weather and good spirits. Henley’s season hasn’t been as successful as the last season, dropping from first to third place in the OddFellows Triples League and from first to third in the Plomer Cup. It is also interesting to note, but maybe not surprising, that Henley won 70% of its home matches, whether league or friendly, but only 50% of its away matches. This will be the last week of outdoor bowls and the green will soon be reseeded before winter and those still in need of their bowling “fix” will turn to indoor bowling at a variety of different venues, Rivermead, Whiteknights, Desborough or Handy Cross.