Charity Shoe Sales Raises £1000+ for Local Charities

Hotfooted held a charity shoe sale last Thursday (29 September) at the Phyllis Court Club in support of their two chosen local charities, Nomads Henley Food Bank and Rivertime Boat Trust.

Hotfooted raise £1062 for Charity at Phyllis Court (CAPC), including a raffle of prizes generously donated by local business, The Square restaurant, Regal Picturehouse Cinema, Bijan’s Kitchen restaurant, Bistro at the Boathouse and Waitrose supermarket. Peter Hodgson from Hotfooted said, “We would like to thank all these businesses for their support and very kind donations.”

Peter and his wife Nadieh presented the cheque for £1062 on Friday to Phyllis Court Club Chairman, Barry Jackson and Greg Wilkinson of CAPC.