ADVHQ Unveils New Expanded Gym

Since opening ADVHQ gym at Henley Self Storage in 2017, Adam Lubbock (Lubbs) has expanded the facility four times and on Sunday afternoon version 5.0 was unveiled probably four times the size from when he started in a 10ft square storage unit.  Adam was an experienced personal trainer before he opened the gym.

The newly expanded gym took 2 weeks to convert and install the equipment with the help of ADVHQ Squaddies and coaches as well Rose, Adam’s wife and business partner.  The gym is kitted out with all you would expect from a good gym including spin bikes, weights and trax equipment and they offer Hot Squad community training sessions, yoga and weightlifting classes.

Adam said, “From the second we closed the doors in order to build our new facility, everything that the community we’ve been lucky enough to create, is about came into the spotlight more than ever. Everyone buying into our interim facility at the Cricket Club with some wet and dark mornings without a single complaint and an unwavering positivity to various members popping in to offer a helping hand to paint, build, move, drive, cook, laugh and whatever else was needed at that time. It was quite overwhelming to see so many (nearly 100) of our ‘Squaddies’ coming to the ‘Big Reveal’ celebrating WITH us and sharing in this special feeling of being part of something so reciprocally fulfilling and uplifting.”

Sarah Carter who has been coming to the Gym for many years said, “When I first started there were only half a dozen people in a session and it was chaos but I left shaking because my body had just been put through shock but feeling amazing.  There was a buzz from that very first session.  Over the months and years more people have joined and what has been consistent is the energy, drive and commitment from both Rose and Lubbs just in terms of its always high energy.  There’s no such thing as you can’t do it.  There’s always jokes and banter with it and you feel part of a big family and everyone trains together no matter what your ability.  I count all these people as friends and we now socialise together.  I walked in and just thought it was incredible.”