A Night of Magic at The Kenton Theatre

The Kenton Theatre is lucky enough to be welcoming The Greatest Magician show to the stage on 28 October. The production, which has been touring since May 2021, is wowing audiences throughout the UK. James Phelan, the show’s creator, says the show is constantly evolving and growing and he is looking forward to bringing magic to the people of Henley.

Describing his show as “fun” and “energetic”, James says it will make you laugh and creates a “happy, warm environment.” The Greatest Magician is suitable for all ages and James himself says it is a “grown up magic show” which will have broad appeal. When asked to give us a glimpse of what to expect, James reveals it will include mind reading and hypnotism, teasing that he may be able to make people forget their names, amongst lots of other amazing feats of magic.

James has been working on this show for years, describing it as a “joy”, and with links to the local community, he is especially looking forward to bringing it to The Kenton Theatre. His uncle, the late, great Paul Daniels, worked on parts of the show and James describes this current production as a “love letter” to him. Therefore, bringing his show to Henley, a place close to James, with many family memories, is a special opportunity. James has toured the UK and loves that the show is “different every night” depending on who is there and says it feels like everyone is sharing and enjoying one big party, no matter where in the country he is. The audience really are the stars of the show.

In these tough times, he hopes the show provides a “wonderful night of stress-free magic”, and speaking to James, his enthusiasm for magic is so contagious, it is hard not to be excited with him. “Magic is the most timeless artform” he says, adding that it is rare, as adults, for us to suspend our disbelief. His show lets audiences do just that and provides much needed escapism for everyone. If you want to experience the magic of The Greatest Magician, James will be at The Kenton Theatre on Friday, 28 October, at 7.30pm and tickets can be purchased via https://kentontheatre.co.uk/event/the-greatest-magician/