Have Your Say – Putting Up With Parkinson’s

Dear Sir

I would like to thank Jeremy Paxman for his insightful documentary about his struggle with Parkinson’s disease which aired on ITV on Tuesday 4 th October at 9 pm.

As Mr Paxman lives locally I would like to invite him and anyone else locally who has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s to join our social group. We meet once a month in the evening in a local pub, we chat and support each other as we navigate the journey of our daily lives with Parkinson’s Disease.

We range in age from forty to seventy eight, several members have undergone Deep Brain Stimulation and some were diagnosed with early onset as I was
( age 44 ) while others were diagnosed  in their seventies.
We discuss our medication, movement, exercise classes, working after diagnosis and potential cures. We are affiliated with the local Parkinson’s group that meet during the day at the Christchurch Centre in Henley.

If you would like to attend our next meeting which is on Tuesday 18 th October at 7 pm at the Bull Pub on Bell Street in Henley then please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours faithfully


Photo credit: http://www.acumenimages.com. Uploaded to Flickr by The Health Hotel., CC BY-SA 2.0