Brownies Donate to Food Bank

1st Henley Brownies visited Tesco Henley last week to learn how to shop on a budget and donate items to the Henley food bank.

With just £5 they had to buy toothpaste, tin tomatoes, lemonade, crisps, biscuits, spaghetti, soup and a packet of sweets.  Using the handheld scanners, they saw the totals rising but all the six groups managed to keep within their budget – some with just a few pence spare.   They then took their basket of items and placed them in the food bank basket.

Brownie Leader, Michaela Clarke said, “The Brownies also enjoyed a quiz where they had to hunt the answers to the questions on products around the store before doing the shopping for the food bank.  It was lovely to see other shoppers and Tesco employees smile at the Brownies having fun inside the store.  It’s a valuable life lesson to learn how to budget and see how much things cost particularly at this time of rising costs for everyone.  We also wanted to give back to the community by buying items for the food bank for people in Henley who are less fortunate.  It did make me smile when the Brownies were choosing which sweets to buy as they all wanted to suggest their favourites!”