Badgemore School Fence Gets Spruce Up Thanks to Gardening Club and Greener Henley

The grounds of Badgemore School have had a spruce up thanks to Badgemore School Gardening Club and Greener Henley. Badgemore’s perimeter fence is now lined with hedging plants — planted by the Gardening Club and provided by Greener Henley — which will grow into a beautiful natural boundary to the school.

The Badgemore School Gardening Club wanted to establish a mixed native wildlife hedge along the perimeter fence. Greener Henley kindly obliged to their request for hedging plants, providing nearly 200 in total for the 40m hedge.

The planting took over Saturday and Sunday 22nd and 23rd October. Around a dozen members of the Gardening Club came along to help, made up of parents and grandparents of school children, and members of the local community. The group were led by Patrick Fleming of Greener Henley — the local expert in tree and hedge planting! Starbucks in Henley kindly donated a generous supply of coffee for the event.

The hedging plants were donated to the school by Greener Henley. Patrick Fleming, Chairman of Greener Henley said, “Quite fortuitously, we’d been given some shrubs, and I was able to pull together some that we already had, so we could give them to them with the guards and canes. It was a really nice occasion. I have to say, it’s great to be able to support Badgemore School, and we’re really happy to do so.”

Benjamin Palmer, from the Gardening Club, said, “We wanted to create a natural boundary that promoted a sense of security for the children, as well as a natural barrier from air and noise pollution from traffic on the road beyond. It is really important to Badgemore Gardening Club and the wider school community that we encourage opportunities for wildlife to thrive within the school grounds, and planting a hedge will provide new habitat for small animals, insects and birds.”

Badgemore School Gardening Club hope the hedge will provide a more natural and welcoming feel to the school; instead of the existing metal fence, there’ll be a wildlife-friendly bank of green.