Crockers Close Their Doors

Crockers Henley in Market Place which was launched in 2020 by former chef Luke Garnsworthy and featured seven boutique bedrooms, two 16-seat chef’s tables, a restaurant and bar closed on Sunday.

Announcing the news on Facebook Luke and the team said, “It’s a sad day for us all at Crockers Henley today as we bid farewell to this town and all our wonderful guests. Today is our last day of business before we close the doors one last time.

“We have tried everything to avoid this and the team have been amazing at working hard and doing all they were asked. Unfortunately the financial burden we have taken on over the last two years and bleak economic outlook means we simply cannot continue like this.

“Thank you to all our guests for the support and to our amazing team. They are the heart and soul of this little business and we wish them all the best for the future.”

Crockers Tring, a sister restaurant to Crockers Henley, which launched in 2018, will continue as normal and will be going through a restructuring.