Mind-Blowing Magic at Kenton

Disbelief, flabbergasted, stunned… with some hilarious one liners thrown in describes James Phelan’s The Greatest Magician show which came to the Kenton for one night only on Friday night.

Magic is definitely in James’ bones as he was born into a famous magician family with his Uncle being the great late Paul Daniels.  With his Auntie Debbie McGee and other members of his family in the audience, James touchingly spoke about his moments with his late Uncle and Auntie and why he decided to follow in his Uncle’s footsteps despite a teacher saying it wasn’t a career.  He got his own back on said teacher in a show a few years later.

Right from the off, the audience was part of the show which included card tricks, guessing a random word from Wikipedia, numbers, hilarious hypnotism and illusion.  Even up close on stage with James, our Editor was blown away by a new trick he performed right before her eyes.  One trick involving needles is not for the faint-hearted though but no spoilers here.

James is at complete ease on stage and even when audience members don’t follow the instructions well, his quick-thinking humour just rolls of his tongue!  He carefully selects his audience members for the hypnotism, seeing quickly who would respond best.

It was great to see live magic at the Kenton theatre in the mix of entertainment and James really wowed the audience with his entertaining show.  The show left you smiling from the hilarity and wondering how he did all that.

Other reviewers have given the show a 5* review which James said he hoped the Herald would give it when talking to the Editor on stage however he embarrassingly failed to remember her name at the end but we’ll forgive him!  ***** James!