Local Woman Wing Walks for Charity

Emma Jane Taylor, founder of Project 90/10, a Henley based charity established to reduce child sex abuse through education and awareness, completed a wing walk to raise both funds and attention for the charity.

Completing the wing walk at HeadCorn Aerodrome in Kent, a specialist wing walking company, she says she did question many times, “what am I doing?” But in completing it she was also successful in completing her target of twelve challenges in twelve months to raise awareness for Project 90/10. Her twelve challenges included, running a marathon, fifteen miles cycling on water, paddle boarding ten miles with the Henley Dragons, 100kilometre ultra challenge along the Jurassic Coast, walking the Isle of Wight in three days, a silent half marathon and the London Ten Peaks Challenge. It is an impressive list but more impressive is her mission to help prevent child sex abuse.

In establishing Project 90/10, Emma Jane, hopes to help parents, children and educators, “engage more conversations” and “normalise conversations.” She believes “education can protect children” who are “armed with knowledge.” The charity has a three-pronged approach to raise awareness. First Emma Jane wants to talk to children about healthy relationships, layering protection by giving them the confidence to “ask, query, and assess situations through awareness”. Secondly, she wants to reach out to the parents and has a Tedx Talk she really urges all parents to watch, called, It’s Not Just The Strangers We Should Be Careful Of (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u6OdBOK882Q). Thirdly, she wants to educate the educators, and has resources and products launching in the future to help do this, such as educational resources for children in schools.

Emma Jane wants to make it her life mission to raise awareness of child sex abuse and along with challenges, like the wing walk, she is taking great strides forward to get the message out there. She now broadcasts on UK Health Radio with a show called The Continued Silence, which reaches approximately 1.3 million listeners, and she has petitioned parliament and visited the House of Lords. Recently, Project 90/10 has been chosen by Worldwide Entertainment as their charity of the year.

Emma Jane’s work and determination is impressive and admirable. She already has plans for next year which involve a cage dive with great white sharks and the five-hundred mile Camino trail in Spain. She would like to thank the Henley community, and also Daphne Diluce, Alan Coates, Christine Milne, Chris Durkin, and everyone who has supported her, and joined her on her challenges; Imogen Scott, Mark Hampshire, Juliet Cox and many others who she met along the way from around the UK.

For more information about Emma Jane please visit her website http://www.emmajanetaylor.com/ and for more information about Project 90/10 visit http://www.project9010.com/