How to Prepare for a Successful Company Outing This Winter

Autumn is upon us, and Christmas isn’t far off, which means it’s time to start thinking about ways to give back to your employees and say thank you – if you haven’t already. Planning a successful company outing in the winter is a little more complex because it’s extremely busy everywhere and there’s miserable weather. To give you a push in the right direction, we’ve put together a guide for planning a successful company winter outing.

Lock In Early

Christmas parties and events happen across November, December, and in some cases January. These months are extremely popular, and slots book up fast, meaning you need to get in early. Put some ideas together and send a poll out to your team and try to book the most popular option. If you have no luck and you’re stuck for options, head over to Team Tactics and browse their extensive library of exciting team-building activities including Zorbing, robot wars, drink events, and much more.

Share Transport Information

Your company outing needs to be enjoyable for your team, so don’t make finding the destination impossible. To save them from searching Google and guessing, provide transport information for your team. If there are alcoholic beverages involved but you’ve got designated drivers on board, consider putting together a car share system. When thinking of the location, you should check transport routes to make sure it’s supported by public transport and isn’t too far out of the way for anyone to get there.

Avoid Outdoors

While hiring a marquee and throwing a themed party is the perfect idea for the summer, the winter weather will soon put a pin in your plans. The best way to avoid boggy fields and washed-out events is to stick with indoor venues. You can still have an exciting theme and show off your decoration skills, there’s just much less chance of the weather holding you back.


Before booking the perfect company outing, have a look at the venue and decide whether it’s accessible. For example, if your team needs to walk down a narrow unlit path next to a river, it might not be the best destination for a winter outing. After all, you need to remember that it will be dark very early and there could be ice on the pavement.

Think Dress Code

If you’re throwing a formal Christmas meal and a party, let your team know what the dress code is – Christmas jumpers are non-negotiable. However, if you’re getting the team involved in a fun event and you’re keeping everything under wraps until the day, it’s important to tell them what to wear. After all, you don’t want anyone turning up to your indoor paintball event wearing high heels and a dress.

Event Insurance

Winter weather brings additional harmful hazards to the party, especially adverse weather. In some cases, your event may be cancelled because of snow, frost, flooding, and even power cuts. Therefore, you should make sure you have event insurance, which covers you in the event of cancellation on either side. Further, you should make sure that your liability policy is current. If any of your team or a third party is injured during the event, this insurance would protect your company from expensive pay-outs.

Follow the above guide to make sure you have a fantastic company outing this winter – without any mishaps and upsets. Take extra measures to make sure activities are accessible and enjoyable in the cold weather. Remember, bookings for winter months fill up early and fast, so be sure to get looking now if you haven’t already.