Henley Army Cadets Return From Weekend Away!

Recently, the Henley Army Cadets joined the rest of Southern Oxfordshire at a training weekend in Bicester to kickstart their training for the next academic year. After the September intake, this was the first training weekend for many cadets, and for others it was an opportunity for them to continue their training.

The Basic cadets aged (12-13) undertook first aid and communication systems training and had the opportunity to use the Scorpion air rifle. All of this training started setting the foundation for the rest of their time in cadets.

The one star cadets (aged 13-14) undertook navigation and weapons training. These cadets had been on previous training weekend and annual camp earlier in the year. This was an opportunity for them to work towards their next star pass.

The two start cadets (aged 15-16) had the opportunity to attend either a St Johns Ambulance youth first aid course or a Junior Cadet Instructors Course (JCIC). All Cadets get the opportunity to undergo first aid training, and the St Johns Ambulance youth first aid course focuses on dealing with an emergency, electric shocks, severe allergic reactions, spinal injuries and much more. The JCIC course focuses on giving more senior cadets the opportunity to use the training they have received to help the more junior cadets learn and develop as they have. The course introduced them to the Cadet Force Instructional Techniques that are used to train cadets and gave them an understanding of planning and preparing training, delivering and assessing said training and evaluating performance and identifying improvements. All the Cadets that undertook JCIC training passed the course, and are now Junior Cadet Instructors!

Throughout the weekend, over 200 subject passes were achieved across all the subjects covered.
Two Henley Cadets received promotions on the weekend. Cadet Joe Scott-Wood received a promotion to Lance Corporal, and Lance Corporal James Ferguson received a promotion to Corporal! Congratulations to you both!

Additionally, Henley Detachment’s very own Mel Fearn received a well-deserved promotion to Lieutenant. Huge congratulations, Ma’am!

Cadets on their Navigation route

The Army Cadet Force is a national youth organisation sponsored and supported by the Ministry of Defence for 12 to 18-year olds; Army Cadets provides a challenging and varied syllabus based on military themes. Henley Army Cadet Force parade every Wednesday from 645 to 9pm at The Drill Hall on Friday Street and are currently looking for new Cadets and Adult Volunteers, feel free to come along and experience something new.

For Henley Detachment enquiries – please email the Detachment Commander, Lt Mel Fearn on 3360hayne@armymail.mod.uk