Brownies Invited by Mayor to Take a Tour of Town Hall

1st Henley Brownies were invited by Henley Mayor, Councillor Michelle Thomas to take a tour of the Town Hall including the Mayor’s Parlour.

The tour started in the Council Chamber where the Council meetings take place and the Mayor asked the Brownies where they could see the H and the crown in the room.  Eagle eyed Brownies saw them on the tiles on the fire place, on the ceiling covings and carved within each of the back of the chairs.  Michelle commented, “I’ve sat on those chairs for 2+ years and I’ve never noticed that.”  She told the Brownies about some of the paintings in the room but there were many in there that have not been documented.  She added, “It is one of things I think the Council should do for all the paintings in the Town Hall and have put this on my list for the Mayoral year.”

The Mayor spoke about democracy, voting and how she became Mayor.

The Brownies then went into the Committee Room where the walls are adorned with the portraits of 100+ Mayors. Many of the Brownies asked Michelle why some of the pictures showed a bigger Mayoral chain.  She replied, “Because it was felt a few years ago that the second line of chain made the chain very heavy so it was removed and now it hangs in the Mayor’s parlour above the door.”

In the Mayor’s parlour each Brownie was invited to sit in the Mayor’s special chair and afterwards they were allowed to hold the chain to see how heavy it was.

Afterwards the Brownies got to ask the Mayor questions which included what was her favourite part of being Mayor, does she do anything else, what was the best thing she’d done since she’d been Mayor, has she done anything for the environment and what is the hardest thing about being Mayor?  She replied that here favourite part is working with children, the best thing so far she’s done is giving out trees to school children for the Jubilee, she proposed the Council declared a Climate Emergency and the hardest part is writing of her roles is writing speeches.    She said afterwards that “I’ve really enjoyed my hour with you.”

Brownie Leader, Michaela Clarke said, “When Michelle asked me whether the Brownies would like to visit, I jumped at the opportunity as I thought that many of them had never been inside the Town Hall and only a select few get to go into the Mayor’s Parlour.  The Brownies had so many questions they wanted to ask.  We didn’t get to them all.  Afterwards I encouraged them to come up with an idea for the town and to enter this year’s Mayor’s Christmas card competition.”