Greener Henley Offering More Free Garden Trees

Greener Henley is once again offering free garden trees in the form of saplings to residents of Henley and local villages. All you have to do is go to their website and complete the form to let them know which trees you would like.

This year they have widened the range of species to include shrubs for smaller gardens and they have added a few more tree species. The form gives information on each species as it’s important to consider how much space a tree will eventually need and whether it will be right for your garden.

They have some trees already in stock and they will supply those as you order. The majority of trees will be ordered at the end of November for collection at the beginning of December.

We will give priority to people selecting up to five plants and to those that choose to collect.

For SMALL GARDENS we have added:

DOG ROSE – Can be bush like or trained to scramble along walls. Hardy shrub with fragrant flowers and red hips – the summer flowers are important sources of nectar for insects and the hips are food for birds and mammals. It grows in full sun and tolerates shade, prefers moderately fertile moist but well-drained soil and can grow to 4m in 5-10 years if it is not pruned.

SPINDLE – The berries and leaves are toxic if eaten.  This is a delicate tree with beautiful orange and pink fruits, loved by wildlife. It grows in full sun and partial shade and prefers limestone soils, but grows well in most soil types. Water well when first planted. It can grow up to 9m, if not pruned.

WAYFARING- has attractive clusters of cream flowers and fruits which start off red and then turn black. Named wayfaring tree as it grows close to paths and is still an indicator of ancient byways. Grows in full sun and partial shade, prefers chalky soils and can grow up to 5m.

GUELDER ROSE – has Snowball white flowers, attractive Autumn colour and berries for birds. It grows in full sun and partial shade and will grow in most soils but prefers damp well drained neutral, or chalky soils

For medium sized gardens we have:


For large gardens we are offering:


There are short descriptions of the trees on the request form to give you some information on size and soil type.

We can also supply the following however stocks may be limited

BLACK POPLAR, WALNUT and a few others such as YEW and LILAC in small quantities. Please ask for details.