Keyless Car Thefts

There has been a recent spate of keyless car thefts in the Henley area.

Thames Valley Police advise, “Remember any vehicle that uses keyless entry is at risk of relay theft. Thieves only need to be within a few metres of your vehicle keys to capture the signal. It can take less than two minutes for thieves to gain full access to your vehicle.”

Their advice to prevent keyless car theft:  

  • Hide Keys –Remove keys out of view of windows & doors
  • Block the signal – Use a signal-blocking pouch to store keys. This pouch blocks your vehicle key fob from transmitting the code to your vehicle. Test this on a regular basis to ensure it works.
  • Turn off the signal – Check your vehicle manual to see if the wireless signal on the keyless fob can be switched off.
  • Deterrent Locks – Use approved products such as a steering wheel, pedal or gear locks as a deterrent.
  • Tracking Device – Using a tracking device can help locate your vehicle
  • Update Technology – Invest in up to date technology & check with your manufacturer to make sure your vehicle is secure enough
  • Second Hand Vehicles – Re-programme your keys if you buy a second-hand vehicle
  • Parking – Park in your garage if you have one. When parking on your driveway consider fitting outdoor lighting & CCTV from a recognised inspecting body, for example the National Security inspectorate or the Security Systems & Alarms Inspection