Henley Society Talk – VE/VJ Day

Members and guests of The Henley Society enjoyed the Autumn Talk by Peter Hancock who showed his VE/VJ Day colour films, plus colour film of the first Regatta after the war, attended by Princess Elizabeth to mark the introduction of the Princess Elizabeth Challenge Cup for schoolboy eights.

These films are quite unique, especially being in colour, and of such historical importance that the Imperial War Museum and the River and Rowing Museum both hold copies. Peter last spoke to the Society 20 years ago and Committee Member David Whitehead was present both occasions.

The Society will be installing a commemorative plaque on 6 December at the entrance to The Catherine Wheel to mark their 60th anniversary year.  The plaque which will read; “The Katheryne Whyll hotel, first mentioned in 1499 in the will of Mr John Lyde, was saved from demolition in 1961 following a campaign by a group of residents who later became The Henley Society.”