Drag Artist Quivers Has Audience Shaking With Laughter

High octave, high energy Quivers returned to Magoos last night to entertain the audience with her hilarious jokes, on point impressions and superb vocals.

Quivers (real name Henry) describes herself as “The drag pile of sh*te from the sunny Isle of Wight”.  Quivers stage name was chosen because she thought it describes the feeling people would have from the show and punchy like Cher or Beyonce.

The opening song perfectly described the show – I Predict a Riot by the Kaiser Chiefs.  From the off Quivers was a bundle of high energy; performing songs and dancing along with high kicks, low squats and balancing precariously on stools.  She did warn the audience beforehand that she might bare more than you were expecting to see in her short skirt.  Her vocal range was incredible and she rapped as well as she sang. She quickly got the audience joining in the songs and no one was spared the rub of her jokes and adlibs throughout.

Well-known pop songs followed Freed from Desire by Gala, Sweet Dreams by Eurythmics, Crazy in Love by Beyonce as well as great renditions of Be Our Guest from Beauty & The Beast movie and Defying Gravity from Wicked The Musical.

Quivers’ set also included brilliant puppetry with Kermit the (blue) Frog making a cameo appearance.

The content is not for the prudish but Quivers makes no apology for this.

Hollie from Magoos said, “I’m really pleased to welcome Quivers back.  She did her first night here in September and the audience loved her.  I originally went to see her with a friend from University who lived on the Isle of Wight and I thought she would go down well here.  She’s something different from the normal musical acts that are doing the circuits in pubs in Henley.”

Quivers said afterwards, “I started practising at home during the pandemic and did my first two-hour show in December 2020.  I’ve got no performing background; I think I was a closet performer. I used to do lots of drunken karaoke though. It takes 2 hours to do my make-up and I made my outfit including the Blue Peter badge earrings (as I kid I did have 2 but I lost those so I got these on ebay).  Coming to Henley has been really nice and because it is a small venue, you can chat to people beforehand.  I like to do that so that I get to know everyone’s name and then I try and remember them through the show.  The first gig was in September and everyone was really receptive and some of them have come back again tonight.”

Quivers is back on Sunday 18 December at Magoos, She said, “I’ve got some crazy stuff planned.  It’s a few Christmas favourites and some daft Quivers bits and I’ve also planning a Doctor Who Christmas special as they are not doing one this year and so I’m looking for the audience to play daleks etc.”

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