School Children Cheer on England in World Cup Opener

England started off their World Cup campaign with an easy win over Iran 6-2 and children at Sacred Heart got to watch the match live today in the school hall.

The cheers from kids when the goals were scored resounded all around the school.  Leading up today, the children have enjoyed making World Cup team flags bunting, a maths challenge, learning about the history of the World Cup and Year 6 have plotted all the teams on a world map.

Children could come to school today dressed in the colours of their country team or their football team or country shirt.  Jack Ingram, wearing a Hibernian Scottish team shirt is going to be cheering Brazil in the World Cup.  He said, “It’s good that we get to watch the match with my friends as most schools aren’t doing it.  I really like football and play for AFC Henley.”

Headteacher, Rachel Gavin said, “We thought it would be good to do something different and bring the whole school community together especially after Covid and to make some memories.”

Sacred Heart are having open days for prospective parents on 29 November and 7 December between 2.00-3.00pm.