Parking Working Group Agree Proposed New Parking Restrictions

The Town Council’s Parking Working Group meeting have met with John Charlton Parking & Traffic Technical Officer at Oxfordshire County Council who are responsible for the highways.  John presented draft plans on proposed changes to parking restrictions in Henley which were discussed and agreed as follows:

Bell Street loading bay
It was proposed that the loading bay be changed to goods vehicles loading only. It was suggested that the loading bay be time limited. However, it was noted that deliveries were needed throughout the day and evening, and therefore it was agreed that it should be kept as proposed.

Friday Street
It was proposed that some of the current limited waiting bays be converted to residents only, and that an additional parking bay be added.

Queen Street
It was noted that there was an anomalous section of single yellows, and it was recommended that these be converted to double yellows.

Mill Lane
It was proposed that double yellows be added around the entrance to Henley Manor Care Home.

Reading Road
It was proposed that double yellow be added outside and opposite nos.204 to 214 to aid traffic flow.

The Close (off Greys Road)
It was recommended that double yellows be added at the junction.

Greys Road near Church Street
It was recommended that the double yellows on the south side be extended slightly to improve sightlines.

Church Street and Greys Hill
It was proposed that the double yellows at the junction be extended.

Harpsden Road junctions with Boston Road, Western Avenue, Niagara Road, Wilson Avenue and Vicarage Road
It was proposed that new double yellows be added to protect junctions for sightlines and traffic movements.

Gravel Hill
It was proposed that a small second of double yellows on north side where pavement parking was possible be removed. It was queried whether this should be residents parking, but it was felt this wasn’t appropriate.

Upper Market Place
It was recommended that there be a small extension to the parking spaces to include outside no. 59.

Orchard Close (off St Andrews)
It was proposed that double yellows be added to the junction for sightlines.

The Relais Henley Hotel
It was recommended that two limited-waiting bays be introduced and that the rest of the area remain as double yellows to allow for loading and unloading. John would contact the Relais directly to discuss.

Market Place
It was recommended that a small section of the road become limited waiting bays, and that a Car Club space be included. However, it was felt that these should be extended as much as possible but that a restriction be added in for Thursdays, to allow for loading and unloading of the market. It was also recommended that the no loading to be reinstated at top and bottom end.

Northfield End
It was noted that a section of double yellows outside Jods Galore and Bell Street Baguettes should be single yellows. It was confirmed that this would be rectified.

St Marks and St Andrews junctions with Vicarage Road.
It was requested that these also be reviewed to improve sightlines.