Why Not Recycle Your Winter Fuel Allowance and Help Local Families in Fuel Poverty?

Henley Lions Club has launched its seventh annual fundraising campaign to help local people who are struggling to pay their energy bills.

Henley Lions winter fuel project has a simple purpose. Many people who receive the Winter Fuel Allowance are in a financially secure position and could afford to donate all or part of it to someone in real need.

People in fuel poverty are those whose energy bills are greater than 10% of the net family income. There are, sadly, many families and individuals in such a situation – even in and around Henley on Thames.

Henley Lions club works with Henley Citizens Advice which helps people in debt, and the Nomad youth and community project, which helps families in need,

Having determined a case is worthy of support Citizens Advice Henley will ask Henley Lions to pay some or all of a fuel bill or fuel debt directly to the energy company involved. No monies are paid to the individual.

From October 2021 until May 2022 Lions received donations of £7268 and paid out £7200 to help families in fuel poverty.

Monies raised will be deposited in the Henley Lions Charity Trust Account and will be ring-fenced for the Winter Fuel Project.

To donate all or part of your fuel allowance, visit www.henleylions.org.uk and click on Donate.