YMCA Want to Hear From Residents About Youth & Sport Provisions

The Henley YMCA are keen to found out the views of residents about the current youth provisions and sport provisions that are available to the community.

They have produced two surveys; The Henley Youth and Community Survey, and The Henley Community Sports Survey. They would love as many Henley-on-Thames residents as possible to complete these surveys, in order for them to truly understand what is already available and what can be improved.

The Henley Youth and Community Survey was produced to find out the views of the young residents. The survey asks about what provisions the youth in the community need and how the feel about what is currently available to them, what can be improved and what new opportunities could be provided. There are also general questions regarding awareness of the YMCA in Henley-on-Thames.

The Henley Community Sports Survey was produced to find out the views of different community groups in Henley-on-Thames, concerning the sports and exercise provisions. Different demographics and community groups have different needs and therefore more provisions should be available. The YMCA currently offer; Seated exercise, Yoga, Pilates, Tai-chi and Table Tennis for senior citizens, Football for adults with disabilities, Flamenco Dancing, Craft Arts, youth Dance, youth Football and youth Ballet sessions for boys and girls. They would like to offer more sessions but also have new ideas for what they could provide.

By developing more opportunities in sports and exercise sessions, as well as social sessions, the YMCA is determined to help combat current issues in society and support different community groups including; isolation and loneliness, especially for senior citizens, people experiencing mental health issues in the community, children and families on lower incomes and free school meals, members of the community with visual and hearing impairments, and those with learning difficulties and disabilities.

The YMCA has a wonderful pavilion, a large grass area with a full sized football pitch and a Tiger Turf 5-a-side football facility that could all be used for offering more provisions to the community. By combining some wonderful project ideas for different community groups and the answers given in the surveys, the Henley YMCA can begin to offer some exciting opportunities to our community and increase the provisions available.

The other ways you can support the YMCA with these projects include; fundraising for them, giving donations to support their projects, volunteering and simply spreading the word about the exciting new opportunities that the YMCA are offering to people you think would benefit.  The Henley YMCA will the charitable cause at the Living Advent Calendar on 3 December at The Anchor pub on Friday Street.