Local Artist Takes Creative Approach on Ongoing Water Leak

Local artist, Louise Shaw, took a light-hearted approach to the ongoing leak in Upper Market Place this week and created a miniature art installation in the pools of water, naming it, Upper Market Place Springs.

Louise and her neighbours contacted Thames Water repeatedly to report the leak, which was causing water to stream across the cobbled car park in Upper Market Place, but after nearly two months no action had been taken. Louise said there was one attempt to repair the leak, but it is in a tricky location, and so, on the day Thames Water arrived, there were still cars parked in the area which could not be removed and as a result of poor communication the leak was left unfixed. All too often, it is easy to get angry about issues such as this, but Louise wanted to channel her frustration into creativity and so she created a small art installation depicting residents in the leaking water. Sadly, the installation did not survive the floods, but it was there long enough for Louise to take photos.

Louise said, “I hope this was a playful way of taking small actions to encourage a response.”

This week Thames Water have now started work in the area to fix the leak, although Louise doesn’t credit this to her actions because Thames Water had already placed cones near the site when she installed her artwork.

Louise also added, “We can all come up with a creative solution. Everyone can use frustration in a positive way.”