Duke Street to Open Tomorrow After Emergency Gas Repairs

All this week the town has been gridlocked at rush hour due to two emergency works that had to be completed – a gas leak on Duke Street and a water leak on Deanfield Avenue with both roads being closed to traffic.

Adding to this, Albert Road and Hamilton Avenue were being resurfaced.

We asked the Oxfordshire County Council why both these works needed to be completed at the same time and whether they had liaised with Henley Town Council and/or our County Councillor Stefan Gawrysiak to give permission for these works.

Councillor Gawrysiak replied, “Both of these works were emergencies, hence needed fixing. Especially the gas leak. As you can imagine a gas leak HAS to be dealt with IMMEDIATLY. As soon as I saw the gridlock, the water leak road closure was lifted so we were only dealing with Duke Street.  The gas leak in Duke Street had to be dealt with.  We had one a few months ago where gas was entering the premises of shops on Duke Street. My, OCC’s and SGN’s (gas contractor) top priority is the safety of residents and retailers, therefore there is nothing we can do except get the leak fixed speedily and safety and then get the traffic flowing. The work I am assured should be fixed by Saturday (tomorrow 9 Dec) at 6 am.”