Festive Fun Together at Little Hearts Preschool

As the school term draws to a close this week for Christmas, the Reception class from Sacred Heart Primary School visited Little Hearts Preschool, for an afternoon of crafts and a chance to spend time together.

The children were clearly excited to get the chance to be together, especially as many of the Reception class only left preschool in July. The preschool children were eager to entertain and all the children shared a variety of toys, including water play, books, and even fancy dress, as well as taking advantage of the chance to do some Christmas crafting.

There was a lot of glitter as the children decorated paper baubles, made snowflakes and cut out cardboard gingerbread men. They were all very focused on creating festive crafts with friends old and new. It was heart-warming to watch the older children helping the younger ones and the preschool children enjoyed sharing their space.

As well as Christmas crafting the children enjoyed a Christmas disco with lots of dancing and a very yummy snack time with fruit and festive biscuits. In fact, snack time gave the staff and students a real chance to relax and engage with each other, sharing stories and chatting. There were so many smiles.

Ms Penna, the Reception class teacher, said, “We are trying to foster a bond between the two schools so that the children who are in the preschool and going up to Reception get to know me and the more things we do together the more prepared they are for their transition to school. We try to have lots of activities throughout the year. The children were very excited to come today. It helps them to remember and talk about their own past and the shared experiences they have had.”

As well as sharing snack time and making crafts, the preschool children proudly presented each Reception student with a book, and in return the Reception class handed out handmade Christmas cards. The children were so happy giving and receiving their gifts and once again the bond between, not only the children, but the school and preschool, was evident.

Veronika, the preschool manager, said, “We often come together for free play, story or music time with Reception Class. Ms Penna’s sessions are always fun and engaging. Preschool children love her! This is the second year that preschool has invited Ms Penna with her class for a Christmas arts & crafts afternoon. This time, we were lucky enough to extend it with gifting books to all children as we have been awarded a grant from One Stop Community recently to support literacy development in our diverse community. Each Reception child got a Christmas story book from a pre-schooler. Ms Penna and myself see the benefits of bringing early years together. Children grow in confidence so much by having opportunities to get to know a new teacher and classroom with the support of their preschool teachers. I’m looking forward to many more joint events in the future!”

It was a lovely afternoon full of festive fun and cheer which all the children, and staff, thoroughly enjoyed.

Little Hearts Preschool accepts children from age 2.5years and offers both the 15 and 30 hours Government funding.