Henley Lionesses Take Grassroots Football to a Whole New Level

A group of young football players, coaches and parents took part in a sponsored 20K walk last Sunday to raise funds for their football tour in Devon in the May 2023.

The girls’ Under 12s and Under 14s team players took to the icy footpaths and frost-covered hills of the Hambledon Valley to complete their challenge.  Dressed in festive outfits they laughed, sang and chatted their way through the challenging, 5 hour hike in freezing temperatures and even played some football along the way.

Coach, Nick Hunt said:  “I am always proud of these teams, but this weekend was a different level of proud!  The togetherness, encouraging each other, smiles, singing and just loving each other’s company was so nice to see.  Always happy, always up for a challenge and taking things in their stride is what we coaches see weekly, but this was a tough and new environment and the girls didn’t change.  I’m super proud and would love people to keep donating to show these girls how amazing they are, not only as young footballers; but as young human beings too!”

The girls have set themselves a fundraising goal of £3000 and thanks to their efforts on Sunday, have raised £2000 towards their total.  This included some additional fundraising when they returned from their walk.  Rather than resting, they took trays of cakes around the town, selling them in pubs and restaurants, with the Henley community supporting their efforts and helping them to add a further £160 to the total.

Scarlett Jones (age 11) said, “I wanted to help out the team and it was nice to do this with some of the older girls.  It was amazing and really good fun.”  Isabella Stobie (age 11) added,  I enjoyed working together as a group and doing something to help.  I really liked walking through the fields and the frost and selling the cakes.”   Mia Betts (age 11) added:  It quite a hard walk but it was definitely worth it and seeing everyone walking together was the best bit.”

The girls’ fundraising efforts will continue in the new year with more activities planned.  They are determined to help raise the funds they need to get every team member on their Devon tour in May 2023.

They would be very grateful for any donations – big or small to help them on their way.  This can be done easily on their fundraising page:    https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/lionessestour