Shining Stars In This Year’s School Nativities


Badgemore’s Reception students put on a nativity to melt everyone’s hearts, telling the traditional story of when Mary gave birth to Jesus with the added magic of music. Mary and Joseph were met by plenty of angels on their journey to Bethlehem, along with Wise Men and shepherds. Every child had a line to say, and every child sang their hearts out to nativity hits such as ‘Rejoice, The King is Born’ and ‘Plodding Along to Bethlehem’. The 22 children, aged 4 to 5, also made their own maracas to provide percussion for the songs.

Rupert House

Key Stage 1 children at Rupert House School showed a multicultural approach to the nativity story with their production of ‘Children Around the World’. In the adventurous Christmas story, Mary and Joseph watch how children in different parts of the world celebrate Christmas, guided along the way by angels. The show visited the countries of Poland, Australia, China, Ireland, Malawi, and the United States of America. There were plenty of catchy songs and adorable dance moves, making the show a spectacle on a truly global scale.

Sacred Heart

Sacred Heart students starred in a super production of ‘Superstar’, a traditional nativity with a not-so-traditional music twist. The show followed the nativity characters on their journey to Bethlehem, accompanied by a soundtrack of up-beat songs with a ‘showbiz’ feel. Grace, who played the lead role of Stella, said, “It’s weird because I’ve never had a lead role in anything before. It’s certainly a lot to learn of lines, and it’s nice being the star.”

St Mary’s

A ‘Strictly’ nativity story was this year’s production for Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 at St Mary’s.  It told the story of The Bethlehem Broadcasting Company recording a dazzling dance show to celebrate the special occasion of Jesus’ birth, and the cast is jam-packed with nativity celebrities, personalities, including some funky camels and a disco star who have come together again to recall their roles in the miraculous story. It’s a Christmas celebration like never before, with dance styles ranging from tango to line dancing and ballet to disco. The judges have gathered their scorecards, dancers are waiting in the wings and the audience is assembled for lights, camel, action!


Trinity’s Year 1 and 2 students put on a dazzling production of ‘I’m Gonna Shine’ in Trinity Church. The play was a nativity story told from the perspective of the star, Gloria, who shone over the stable where Jesus was born. There were 90 children involved in the show, from three school classes. The year 2 children did a marvellous job with the main roles, with Gloria played by Thea. The year 1s enthralled the audience with dancing to the show’s music.