Temptation Gifts Wins Festive Window Competition With Gonk Display

Temptation Gifts on Bell Street won the Festive Window Competition this week with their colourful and cute display of Gonks and soft toys.

The competition was judged by Mayor, Councillor Michelle Thomas and Councillor David Eggleton.  The winners received £100 prize money and a bottle of Ghost of the Cavalier Gin donated by David.  The runners-up were the Kiln Cafe on Reading Road and third place was The Ferret in Friday Street.

Michelle said, “We chose Temptation Gifts because they stuck to the brief and it was a very very busy window packed with so much content that they sell.  Every single item was Christmassy and so when you looked at the overall effect it was just a really stand out window.  Congratulations to them and thank you to them for their support with Mayor’s and Town Council’s initiatives throughout the year.”

Laura Loveridge Manager said, “I’m very surprised as we always do what I think is always a great Christmas window so I’m really pleased.  A lot of work goes into these windows.  Chloe, our Assistant Manager did the window and it took about 4-5 hours.  My favourite part of the window are all the cute Jellycat plush and they’re very popular ever year.  Maddie Wakefield added “The Gonks are really strong too this year and they’re really drawing the customers in and we’ve had lots of compliments.”

Talking about second and third place, Michelle added, “The Kiln Cafe had made lots of effort too by hand painting a lot of items with references to Henley at Christmas with the Town Hall,  Living Advent Calendar and Christmas Festival late shopping night.  The overall impact was really striking.   I always walk up and down Friday Street on my way to work and I always gaze in the window of The Ferret on my way past.  There were lots of references to Henley here too and some lovely old traditional toys, I just fell in love in the window.” David added, “When we popped into The Ferret, co-owner Delia was overwhelmed with coming third.  She said she was honoured to be placed in competition.”

The judges thought that Amy Lou in Bell Street had a great window but they didn’t enter.  Michelle added, “We really enjoyed the window.  We thought they had done a spectacular job of window dressing and it looked like something out of Oxford Street.  There’s a talented bunch working in there.  We popped in there to say what a lovely window and they should enter next year.”

11 shops entered the competition and the Mayor thanked everyone who took the time to enter.