Town Council Addresses Christmas Light Displays

Henley Town Council are addressing the issues with the Christmas lights displays.

Sheridan Jacklin-Edward, Town Clerk said, “We are aware that the Christmas display hasn’t been up to scratch. There have been issues with getting many of the small Christmas trees up and connected. We have resolved many of these issues, and spoken with the businesses and residents affected.”

“In addition, there have been issues with the main tree in The Market Place and the lighting across the town centre streets, due to ageing infrastructure. The issue with the main tree has now been fixed, but some of the other issues will need a road closure, and so, for the sake of businesses, this is best left until after Christmas.”

There have been some improvements this year to the lights on the trees by the bridge, train station, Northfield End and Gravel Hill which have been refreshed and brighten up the areas and new festoon lighting has been put in along Thameside.

Sheridan added, “When the season is over, there will be a review of the Christmas lighting, including the small Christmas tree scheme, a full inspection of all festive lighting electrical infrastructure, as well as looking at sustainability and reenergising Christmas festivities generally.”